To Save the Realm Series

To Save the Realm

Land’s End: To Save the Realm 2

To Save the Realm

It’s 1959, the height of the Cold War. From Little Mycenae, Tennessee, to London, and the Quantock Hills of Somerset, Southern boy Brock Coole travels to investigate the mysterious death of his Aunt Marcy, who has left him a fortune. Spies! Rock and roll! Odd things in the British countryside! Join Brock on his quest, as it turns out, To Save the Realm!

Land’s End: To Save the Ream 2

It’s 1964, and England’s swinging. Brock Coole has been summoned (well, kidnapped actually) once again to Britain. Brock’s former comrade, Lord Jack Torbryan, has teamed up with a rogue druid named Cathbad for a series of shocking assassinations. From Northumberland to London to the far north of Scotland, Brock races to put a stop to Cathbad’s machinations and prevent Land’s End!

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To Save the Realm!