Review at Goodreads for Land’s End

From reader RJ Mckay:

‘Since I haven’t read the first book, I played catch-up from time to time, but it was worth every minute. Brock Coole is the prototypical anti-hero and Cathbad is the evil bad guy. But everyone else keeps you guessing.
I love a good mystery and this one keeps you guessing, specifically Sir Alfred St. John Sherbourne. It’s difficult to tell if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. I changed my mind about him several times. The Druids and magical creatures were fantastic. The man who changes into a horse and later into a big bird was unique. Throughout the book, Brock keeps running into some mid-sixties rock stars who always know him and he recounts their first meeting. I found that wonderfully funny because I know a lot about 1960’s music and I reveled in these encounters. Then there‘s the rogue wave that almost demolishes a large ship. Blending magic and real physical possibilities makes for an interesting story. 
In all, the story reminds me of a blending of Harry Potter’s old-time, funny, small-town magic and Harry Dresden’s current day, big city, earth-shattering magical battles. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.’

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