Near Wells, Somerset

Memphis, TN

I visited Memphis this past Tuesday. This is a pic I took from the Hanrahan Bridge across the Mississippi River.

Geoffrey of Monmouth was right!

It appears that Stonehenge might have been moved (at least the bluestones) whole from Wales (Irish territory at the time). This is really cool!


The producer of the first comment I receive on one of my blog posts will receive a copy of To Save the Realm and Land’s End, paperback or ebook–you choose!

Gimme Shelter

I’m working on the first chapter to TSTR3 now. And I’ll say this: If you listen to the Stones’ Gimme Shelter without chills going up and down yer spine, you ain’t entirely human.

On the Road

I’ve been on the road. I’ve begun working on TSTR3. It will be set entirely in Brock’s hometown of Mycenae, TN, in 1969. No trip to Britain this time!

Memphis Central HS

These people are graduates of Memphis Central, an eclectic group, to be sure: Machine Gun Kelly; Kemmons Wilson (founder Holiday Inns); Peter Taylor (Pulitzer Prize winning author – A Summons to Memphis); Alex Chilton (actually dropped out at 16 when ‘The Letter” became a hit).

Did you know?

The first landing of men on the moon and Woodstock took place within one month of each other in 1969? July and August. With the Manson murders in between! TSTR3 begins around this time.


I’ve begun researching and thinking about my third book in the To Save the Realm Series. 1969, what a horrible, hopeful, amazing year!


Bar-b-q chicken, black-eyed peas (I make the best in the world), vinegar slaw). Modest, but delicious!

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I’m currently ‘reaching out’ to reviewers in hopes that they will read TSTR or LE and review my books. If you drop by, please consider reviewing my books. I would sure appreciate it!


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