TSTR Reviews

From Amazon Readers:

“Great read. Crattie does a nice job of balancing real vs fantasy worlds. Plot very cinematic – author is great with imagery. Some fantastic dialogue as well. Would love to see a film/tv adaptation of the series!” Corie
“The best “First Novel” I have read this year! Hands-down. Mixing a cold-war spy thriller with British myth & mystery and even a touch of right-after-the-war Americana in the Deep South, this fantasy-thriller had me hooked.” Wulfstan, top 1000 Amazon reviewer.
Really great storyline with believable characters, especially towards the end when the fantasy characters came into play so smoothly that you hardly notice they’re fantasy. I give this book five stars…” Anne
It takes a special art to blend great appreciations of rock and roll, late 50s in the American South, rural England and interaction with the Fae and make it all work. Always the question “What is going on and what does it mean?” Alan Burnes
“As a bonus, Britain in the 1950s was beautifully portrayed and I felt I was back there. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will look out for this author in the future.” Hemmed
“This novel is a fast, fun read. The plot moves quickly, the characters are interesting and well-defined and I hated to see the book end. Always a good sign!” David

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